Costa Rica


Colourful Nature

Looking at this gallery, you could think that I have only travelled to Costa Rica and Greece, but it is not the case ! I have had this passion for travel since my young age, and I travelled alone for the first time at 16, to the UK. Then I went to Finland and Sweden when I was 17. After I graduated high school in 2013, I left France to live in Australia for 6 months, then I flew back to London where I stayed 3 months. I came back to France to work for a while, until spring 2015 when I decided to go live in an ashram in India for 3 months. I came back with a whole new vision of life, tinged with spirituality, and an even stronger desire to see the world and meet people from different cultures.

Yet, I had to come back to France once again to work and earn enough money to travel more. Then in 2016, I went to England with good shoes, a huge backpack and my camping gear and I travelled across the country, went to Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland - an amazing experience !

Then I started my degree in English Linguistics, History and Literature, so I could not travel as much as before, yet I found the time to visit Montenegro, Greece and Costa Rica. By that time I had bought a "good" camera, therefore I started taking travel pictures. It is a pity though, that I didn't get that camera before - all the wonderful things I had seen in Australia, India, etc, would have made great pictures !

After all that, you can imagine how excited I am about destination weddings ! It is my dream as a photographer. So, what about living that dream together ?